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I'm really impressed with the facilities, the hygienic and easy-to-operate dispensing system and of course, the delicious milk! I enjoy supporting a local entrepreneur who's providing a quality product while minimizing my reliance on single-use conventional milk jugs.

Christina Rock

"The best milk ever." Diagnosed with Coeliac disease, I couldn't digest dairy for over a year. Introducing raw milk over a week ...what a result! I no longer suffer from dairy intolerance. The raw milk is the only thing to fix my out of wack gut bacteria.

Jollene Sim

Been buying this milk since the day Farm Fresh South opened. You can't beat milk straight from the cow. We highly recommend it. Well done to Logan and Melissa for starting this venture.

Michelle Ford

The milk is so unbelievably good. Never had anything like it. Totally support the initiative

Jenna Riddle

I left the farm life back in the mid eighties and I have always missed the fresh milk. Now after thirty-ish years, I can finally get the milk of my childhood. Thank you!

Tina East

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1324 Woodlands Invercargill Highway

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