Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your opening hours?
    We are open for milk sales via the vending machine 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our office hours are 8am-5pm Mon-Fri (but someone is usually available if you send a message!

  • Is your farm organic?
    We are not certified organic. However, we are committed to operating in a natural and sustainable manner. We do follow organic farming practices and philosophies and are considering becoming certified at some point. We don't use chemical fertilisers and our pastures are spray free. 

  • What type/breed of cow do you have?
    We have a mix of Fresian, Jersey, and cross bred cows.
  • Do you buy milk from other farms?
    We do buy milk from another local farmer which is used to meet pasteurised milk demand. All raw milk is from our farm. 
  • How fresh is the milk when I buy it?
    Our cows are milked late morning every day. After every milking fresh milk is put into the dispenser. The raw milk you buy will always be under 30hrs old. Pasteurised milk may be 1-2 days in the chiller before you receive it. Any unsold milk is discarded and used for calves etc
  • Is the milk pasteurized?
    We have raw and pasteurised milk available. 
  • Is the milk homogenized?

    No, homogenization is the process of spinning the milk at very high speeds which breaks up the components of the cream into small enough particles that it remains suspended evenly in the milk.

    Our milk is full cream. The cream will rise to the top of the bottle. You can choose to shake it in or pour it off on your Weetbix or porridge in the morning! 

  • Are you registered with MPI to sell raw milk?
    Yes, we are registered and certified to sell raw milk. We also have the required RMP's in place to process and sell pasteurised milk.

  • How often do you milk your cows?
    Our cows are milked once per day. We believe in creating a stress free environment for the cows. That way they can spend more time in the paddock relaxing and making top quality milk for you.
  • How long will the milk last for?

    Raw milk has an official used by date of 4 days (many customers say it will easily last 7-10 days). Pasteurised milk has a used by date of 12 days.

    It is important that you follow these steps:

    • Only use super clean containers/bottles (at the vending machine).
    • Ideally, bring a chilly bag or chilly bin to transport your milk home in from the vending machine. 
    • Keep refrigerated at all times.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight.
    • If the milk is left on the bench for 2 hours then tip it out.
    • Use common sense, if it tastes or smells as though is beginning to go sour (if your bottle was dirty etc) then tip it out.

  • How many cows are in your herd?
    We milk up to 50 cows.  
  • Do you deliver?
    YES! We offer home deliveries. Setup your delivery in our main menu.
  • Will milk be available all year?

    YES! We milk all year round. 

    Our operation is unique in that we spread the cow's calving dates throughout the year. This means that we will have consistent production and quality throughout the year. 

  • Do I need to bring my own bottle to the vending machine or do you provide them?

    We sell empty glass reuseable 1lt bottles for $5 each. You can buy and use these over and over or bring your own bottle/container.

    The empty bottles will be available next to the milk vending machine.

  • Is it full cream or has the cream been skimmed off?
    Our milk is full cream.
  • What do you feed the cows?
    Our cows are fed on a full grass (or grass baleage/silage) based diet. We may buy some locally sourced grain for added energy during colder months which would comprise of no more than 25% of their daily dry matter intake. 
  • Do you use antibiotics on your cows?
    If we have a cow that has an infection which we cannot clear up by natural means, yes we will use antibiotics as we believe it is in the cows best interest. The cow is then marked and separated from the herd. Her milk is discarded until there is no traces of antibiotics in the milk. 

  • Where can I buy your milk?

    See how you can get your hands on local milk in glass bottles HERE.