Where to Buy?

We're expanding the ways to get your hands on local milk in glass bottles. See below for options. If your favourite shop or cafe isn't on the list then please contact us so we can give them a call. 


Farm vending machine (1324 Woodlands Invercargill Highway) - cash only

Home deliveries CLICK HERE TO SET UP 


Home deliveries CLICK HERE TO SET UP 

Vending Machine - Windsor, Invercargill - Coming Soon!

Retail Stores

You'll also find our local milk in glass bottles at many dairy's, small supermarkets and shops from Stewart Island to Dunedin and Invercargill to Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago. Send us a message and we'll let you know the closest. If there's no one near you let us know and we'll make sure that changes. 


Ask for our milk at your favourite coffee spot. We're in many already but let us know if your local doesn't have our milk yet. It makes the BEST coffees, hot drinks and shakes. Tell them to call us and we'll get in touch with them as well. 


There's also many offices and staff rooms that are making the switch to local milk in glass bottles. If you want our milk at your work please let us know.