Homegrown Apple Juice 1lt

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“We believe in striving to produce the best tasting and healthiest juices and smoothies in the world for our customers – that’s why we exist!”

We have been growing our oranges in New Zealand since 1969, and we currently have the largest plantings of orange orchards in the country. These orchards allow us to grow almost all the oranges that go into our juice and enables us to pick the oranges at their very best.

In Cold Pasteurization, raw juice is put under extreme pressure to deactivate naturally occurring bacteria, yeast, and moulds, with minuscule changes to its vitamin and mineral content, as well as its flavor. Almost all other fruit juices in the market are pasteurized using heat, but using heat impacts its vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Raw cold pasteurization is a new benchmark for the New Zealand juice market, and for the world.

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