The Real Farmers

A real farmer will put the land before profit, the animals before themselves, and quality before their bank balance. 
So why is there seemingly insurmountable pressure on farmers to “change their ways” by groups that supposedly were formed to protect the animals and the environment? Why is there tension? Why do these groups even exist? 
I suggest that these groups that are at war with farming should have no need for existence. If a real farmer gives the land and soil the priority it deserves they will change their practices to ensure it remains healthy for many, many generations to come. We farmers are stewards of the land, let’s start acting like it! Only those who are driven by greed and money would disagree. 
The industrialization and expansion of agriculture is a very recent, and worrying, development in our planets history. Spurred on by global markets and money hungry corporations.

Farmers must take the lead to honestly assess the impact their operation is having on planet earth and then take all necessary steps to ensure we are truly sustainable. Our children and their children depend on it. As many nod in agreement, only a minority will take action. 
There is a wave of local, conscious, real farmers coming that will change the face of agriculture. Consumers are demanding to know where their food comes from, how it was produced, and that it was done so in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner. They want to get their food from the source - not a supermarket shelf. 
As consumers you can force this change by thoughtful purchasing behaviour. 
As farmers, we must live up to our responsibilities to protect and enhance the planet while producing the best, quality products to feed our communities. 
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