Variety Meat Box Medium

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Leelands was born from a passion beyond measure for sheep farming. Farming is in our blood. For Bill French, it’s not far short of a religion! 

We're almost ready to offer our premium range at Farm Fresh Markets. They'll be coming soon! Right now, we've collaborated with other industry partners to offer a variety meat box to help you through this lockdown period. So much value delivered to your door. 

A great selection for a household of 2-3.


1 Porterhouse Steak Pack - 2/pack (approx. 180g per steak)
1 Lamb Shoulder Cutlet Pack (approx 500g each pack)
2 Beef Mince Packs (400g each)
2 Beef Sausage Packs (approx 500g/5 sausages each) Gluten Free
2 Pork Roast Packs (approx 500g/2 each)

Orders must be in by 5pm, Sunday to be delivered the following week. They will  be delivered on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday depending what area you're in. If you usually only receive a delivery on Monday or Tuesday we will deliver the meat on one of the other days at no extra charge. 

Limited time only.
(Photo is for display only and is not an accurate representation of the box contents)