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Swede (each)

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Where can you get a better Swede than from Southland? Left till after the first good frost that brings out the sweetness and flavour swedes have a great texture and are a versatile vegetable. The leaves are eaten in many countries but here in New Zealand it is the root that is used.

Swedes are crisp and sweet if eaten raw. They are also tasty when boiled and mashed, stir fried, steamed, baked, glazed or pickled. As they also take on other flavours well they are able to be added to stews and soups.

Swedes are a good source of vitamin C, a source of dietary fibre, niacin, thiamin and vitamin B6 and contain a dietary significant amount of potassium. Swedes are members of the Brassica family and contain similar phytonutrients, particularly the glucosinolates and phytosterols.


We are a small family run Market Garden providing a variety of seasonal vegetables. We are Spray Free and try to grow as naturally as we are able. Our goal is to provide fresh tasty vegetables at a reasonable price.

We pick, rinse and pack our veggies as close as possible to delivery times in order to retain the freshness to your door.

We hope you will try some of the less common vegetables we have available and experience the different tastes and textures that are available.

The Vege Basket Team.