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Rocket 100gms

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Rocket or Arugula is in the brassica family but with as taste of its own. Rocket is sweet with a light peppery taste when young but more peppery and sharp when mature and is a great addition to salads. Rocket can also be used to replace basil in pesto and added to soups and try serving grilled fish or poultry on a bed of this tasty vegetable

Rocket provides many of the health benefits of kale, Brussel sprouts and broccoli. It is low in calories but high in fibre, iron and folates as well as vitamins C, K and A


We are a small family run Market Garden providing a variety of seasonal vegetables. We are Spray Free and try to grow as naturally as we are able. Our goal is to provide fresh tasty vegetables at a reasonable price.

We pick, rinse and pack our veggies as close as possible to delivery times in order to retain the freshness to your door.

We hope you will try some of the less common vegetables we have available and experience the different tastes and textures that are available.

The Vege Basket Team.