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Pork Butterfly Steaks

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2 pack, 250g

Havoc Farm Pork butterfly steaks are boneless and super quick and easy to prepare. They are also a leaner choice for everyday meals. Conveniently packed in pairs. 

Our bacon is dry and cured which means it is soaked, not injected, so the bacon doesn't dry out. This leaves you with a delicious and genuinely local bacon that is a must try!

From humble beginnings, Havoc Pork has become a big name in the New Zealand Pork industry. This story, like all good legends, begins with the dream of just one person. From his travels and work experience, Ian knew he wanted to breed his pigs outside in the open air where they would be free to display their natural behaviour, have plenty to eat and drink, and room to frolic at will. When Ian set his eyes on a piece of stony ground at the foot of the Hunter Hills in South Canterbury in 1991, he knew he had at long last found the place to make his dreams and passion for pig farming a reality.

Ian’s policy has always been minimal intervention, providing a natural environment where pigs can be healthy and happy. With the pigs living on a diet of Mozzarella cheese, locally grown grains and cereals, and cider vinegar and garlic for gut health- they are the happiest pigs in New Zealand! Ian mills all his feed on the farm and takes pride in saying “I would not feed my pigs anything I would not eat myself”. There are no antibiotics, growth promotants, or ractopomine or tail docking, crates, or sow stalls to be seen on this unique farm either. Driven by their passion to have the best and happiest pigs in New Zealand. Havoc Pork farms has an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, animal welfare, and complete transparency throughout the supply chain.

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