Otama Hazlenuts

Hazelnut Kernels – Certified Organic 300g

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Our nuts are cracked in small batches to ensure that the kernels are as fresh as possible for your order.

Hazelnuts are a tasty and adaptable food – great raw or lightly toasted. Eat them on their own as a healthy snack or use them in sweet or savoury baked goods, homemade dukkah, to add crunch to salads and breakfast cereals, on the side of a cheeseboard, in stuffings or coating mixes.

Otama Hazelnuts’ orchard is on the silt soils of the Mataura river terraces – the most southerly certified organic hazelnut orchard in the world! (OFNZ no. 1476)
We never use pesticides or soluble fertilisers. The health of our trees is achieved sustainably through diversity and balance in the orchard environment. The natural regeneration of the soil creates the fertility that has supported the growth of our trees here since 2003.