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Creamed Clover Honey 250g

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A real favourite since ages ago. Nothing quite says breakfast like this sweet  honey on your toast. We cream this honey to ensure it is consistently smooth and easy to spread. Just like our other honeys, this creamed clover honey is all natural and coarse filtered to ensure all the goodness that nature intended is in the jar.

What is is creamed Honey? Creamed honey is honey that we have  allowed to cool to 12 -14 degrees and mixed to allow it to crystallize and thicken into smooth creamed honey. It does not contain any ingredients other than natural honey.

We are a family owned and operated honey producer from Invercargill in the deep south of New Zealand.  Three generations of our family work with the same focus, to provide you with the best quality raw honey and bee products direct from the beekeeper. From beekeeping to product design and development, processing and packaging, sales and marketing, it’s all in the family. Our hive sites are carefully chosen to offer our bees a wide range of foraging options which in turn provides honey lovers with a true taste of Southland. Some of our hive sites have been used by beekeepers for over 50 years and have now been passed on to us. 

We extract our honey in our purpose built processing and packaging facility. This process uses low temperatures to extract the honey, which maintains the highest quality product. We do not pasteurise our products and we only coarse filter our honey so all the pollen and goodness that nature intended remains in our glass jars.

Our products offer consumers the opportunity to truly Savour the Taste of Southland.

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we do.

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