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Chocolate Milk 500ml - made with OCHO

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We've collaborated with OCHO (Otago Chocolate Company) to offer you a truly local and sustainable chocolate milk option. OCHO source their cacao beans directly from the Pacific, they are then crafted into delicious chocolate by their small team in Dunedin

Combined with our local milk, this chocolate milk is a simple treat - without all the additives and extras found in most of the rest.

Better yet, you can rinse and return your bottles to be refilled. Make sure you purchase the number of 500ml bottles needed for your order under accessories for $1.50 each. Then leave out the empties for your next order or return them to a store that stocks our milk.

Glass reusable bottles are the most friendly local option for the planet. They can be used thousands of times before being fully recycled and made into new glass products.

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