Setup your Milk delivery

  1. Organise a chilly bin (and ice packs) or fridge if you're not going to be at home.
  2. Place empty bottles out on each delivery day to be picked up and swapped for full ones. It's that Simple

Now there's a few things you need to know to get started on the right foot. THIS IS IMPORTANT: for your first order you either need to have your bottles ordered OR leave out empty bottles if you've already bought some off us at the shop. You can only use bottles purchased from Farm Fresh South. If you break a bottle at home, you can purchase more on the website for your next delivery. (eg. if you have 4lt delivered each week you need to own 2 bottles; if you have 7lt delivered each week you need to own 4 bottles).

Deliveries will take place between aprox. 8am and 6pm on your delivery day. The exact time of your delivery may vary as the run grows and changes weekly.  

Check our Delivery Zone Map here

Type your address into the Google Map at the link above. Yellow Zone - Monday/Thursday; Green Zone - Tuesday/Friday. If you're outside the delivery zones please get in touch to see if special arrangements can me made.

You can increase, decrease, pause, or cancel deliveries at any time by logging into your customer account in the website menu.

There is $6 delivery fee per week whether you order 1lt or 10lt.
You can
 read our full Terms and Conditions here.