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Microgreens Punnet

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MicroGreens are nutritious and tasty, comprising of a variety of vegetables and herbs grown to 3-5cms then harvested for your enjoyment. MicroGreens not only add colour, texture, flavour and class to various dishes but also have the health benefits of having higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids, in fact five times more on average than the mature plants themselves.

MicroGreens are delicious and add class to salads, sandwiches, soups and stir fries.

Our MicroGreens contain a mix of at least five of the following greens. Sunflower, Pea, Cress, Kale, Tat-Soi, Radish, Rocket, Amaranth, Lettuce, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Mustard and Beet.


We are a small family run Market Garden providing a variety of seasonal vegetables. We are Spray Free and try to grow as naturally as we are able. Our goal is to provide fresh tasty vegetables at a reasonable price.

We pick, rinse and pack our veggies as close as possible to delivery times in order to retain the freshness to your door.

We hope you will try some of the less common vegetables we have available and experience the different tastes and textures that are available.

The Vege Basket Team.